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Things are moving

Finally getting things moving at a slow pace unfortunately. We’ve finally got idleRPG website online now which can be located at 🥳

All servers apart from shelly (which is due to retire shortly) is now running freebsd-12 or above and really stable.

Helenah has offered to donate a server to our network, when this will happen I’m not sure but it’ll be soon. She will also become an Admin of the network

All registered nicknames must be verified, please do not put fake email address in as staff will not manually verify it. If you’ve not recieved the email please check spam folder


We are back!

Yes people is back. I’ve had a couple of domains prior to relaunching chatfreedom. Our irc network is purely for chill chat

Yes it’s a freedom of speech network, but that don’t give you a right to just come in and piss people off. If you don’t like what they are saying/talking about then simply use the /ignore command

Our whole network is freebsd powered unless linked to and we have a server in USA  and Canada  and looking at an European server and Asian in the near future.