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Server Status

Our servers are listed below, If you donate a server it will also be listed. You can connect via hostname (IPv6 Only) or use our round robin Port: 6667 and SSL on Port: 6697

Want to connect via tor? woxmzvgvqtvjzb7r.onion

The status is always live, so should you be having problems connecting please contact us via a Ticket

Server Location IPv6 SSL Status Load Uptime Buffalo, USA Online Online Online 0.00 67 days 18 hours 56 minutes Buffalo, USA Online Online Online 0.00 180 days 20 hours 28 minutes Amsterdam, NL Online Online Online 0.16 69 days 10 hours 46 minutes Sydney, Australia Online Online Online 54 days 21 hours 49 minutes Not provided Online N/A N/A

Updated: 5/8/2018 5:24 PM