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Big big big changes

Hey folks, it’s been a very long time since we’ve posted and I’ve been very inactive on IRC.

I’ve been busy importing some charybdis code into sIRCd to make it more modern and also patch some security bugs. The major change is we imported mbedtls which will be replacing openssl (

Singapore server will not be upgraded and will be removed from the network as it seems to be a very quiet server 😏

We have also decided to remove host cloaking automatically, if you require your IP to be cloaked simply register you’re nickname or set +x on yourself.

We are working on a debian repo, where we will be hosting some software we’ve modified. More information coming soon

Servers will be pulled offline today 1 by 1 throughout the day so you shouldn’t be effected too much.

Have a great day

Planned maintenance notice

Hello it’s been a while, we are planning some maintenance for this coming Sunday 5th August. We don’t have a time window due to the lack of time however we expect to have it completed by 9pm BST.

We are making some big changes to the network layout, as we’ve had to revert back to hosting our irc network from US servers. We can now safely say we will be introducing 2 more servers. We are restoring our EU based server ( and we will also be launching our new server based in Singapore.

We will also be upgrading our IRCd’s at the same time 🎉 and providing another server for our free ZNC service.

Have a nice weekend

A few changes

Sorry for the lack of news, been busy with shale-services (xtheme clone) and making things work with sircd.

We’ve upgraded our IRCd to the latest version which now offers a few extra usermodes and General changes. You can now enable usermode +W which will show when people /whois you.

We have also made it so registered nicknames now automatically get the vhost * of course the * being replaced with nickname. You can of course request a vhost, and it’ll overwrite default.

IdleRPG is now active in #idlerpg and website can be found at 🎉

We have also enabled logging of our main channel #lounge and logs can be viewed over at

I’m away from IRC for a while. ChatFreedom will continue as normal and staff will maintain the network (devil/sonic).

It happens all at once.

Hey folks,

I’m sorry if IRC has been bumpy past 48hours, our main server went down (powered off) which was booted and everything was fine or was it……

NO would be the answer!

Whilst we got our IRC network stable again our server hosting our website/email/stats decided to give up. Sadly I was unable to recover any databases so we have to start from the last back up I had. At present most sites are still offline other than main website whilst we configure stuff. Our DNS was also hosted on this server, which we’ve had to setup again. If you are suffering from any problems please email

Please accept my apologies whilst we restore ChatFreedom back to its former glory 💪💪

Delays :(

Well I keep delaying things, however I’ve not delayed the process of the IRCd maintenance which has been completed and seems to have gone well.

Our European based server will be coming online later today. We are just tweaking a few things and we should be ready to start the server.

BNC is now fully online, you can now request them again. We will be adding a page in the future with some simple rules for you to follow and what networks are BANNED

Remember to join #lounge where you’ll find the majority of users.