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Laziness & EU server

Well, the planned maintenance didn’t happen. This was due to me being unwell (Man Flu) and feeling pretty crap. Today I’ve perked up enough to play with Linux a little and decided to install freebsd 11.

Tomorrow we will be launching another network that will link to Chatfreedom. It will be reachable via and it’ll be hosted in EU (either Germany/Netherlands/United kingdom)

Staff on will also have irc oper status on interIRC. So this now means, maintenance will have to happen tomorrow night 10pm till 11pm (1 hour) and each server will be down for approximately 10minutes each time.

Things are slowly coming together, we’ve had a few spammers recently that spam in channels. We have enabled our personal blacklisting service again and touch wood since adding the offending IP’s all has stopped.

We don’t mind advertising but spam advertising will get your IP blacklisted and access to ChatFreedom revoked.

We’ll come back tomorrow with another update, regarding TOR/i2p access