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Monthly Archives: June 2018

A few changes

Sorry for the lack of news, been busy with shale-services (xtheme clone) and making things work with sircd.

We’ve upgraded our IRCd to the latest version which now offers a few extra usermodes and General changes. You can now enable usermode +W which will show when people /whois you.

We have also made it so registered nicknames now automatically get the vhost * of course the * being replaced with nickname. You can of course request a vhost, and it’ll overwrite default.

IdleRPG is now active in #idlerpg and website can be found at 🎉

We have also enabled logging of our main channel #lounge and logs can be viewed over at

I’m away from IRC for a while. ChatFreedom will continue as normal and staff will maintain the network (devil/sonic).