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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Nameservers & Changes

Well that was rather interesting, we host our own nameservers and monitor queries on each ns1 and ns2 via mrtg. We noticed a massive amount of queries and had to investigate what the cause of the high volume had to found. We’ve since found the issue and have put it right and I believe it won’t happen again, you may have noticed a few issues over the past 7-10days with connecting to irc or sub domains we host! 

Changes to IRCd
we’ve got some changes coming to our IRCd that will secure opers and prevent people sharing passwords. We’ll be adding a secure vhost where opers will need to identify their nicknames in order to use the /oper command.

We know many ircops use custom vhosts, this will not be permitted when the new changes have been made. Every IRCOP will be issued the vhost We’ve already seen a user oper using someone else’s credentials and this isn’t not tolerated 

We’ll be testing the changes over the next 14days, and will schedule some maintenance towards end of July