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Monthly Archives: December 2016

IRCd Patched

We’ve now patched our network so users can use the ctrl + O in vhosts.

This wasn’t really a bug was more of a commit error that wasn’t picked up on. This took around 5 minutes for each server and was completed whilst they was still online just required a reboot to take effect. 

We’ve push the commit to GitHub, so if anyone using sIRCd for the colour vhosts is suggested to update. It’s a simple process and requires HOST_C to be added to one line in src/match.c  if you need any help drop me a message


ISP dns normally slow?

So if you find your ISP dns can be slow we’ve just setup a vps which you can use for dns look ups for mobiles/pc’s any other device you may have. 

You’ll just have to configure your systems to use dns server and start browsing. I’ve tested with PS4, mobile and Linux and it works just fine.

Happy Sunday!

Unplanned maintenance (13/12/16)

We was alerted by another IRCOP of a bug that wouldn’t allow users to use ctrl + O in vhosts. We allow/offer colour bold and italic Vhosts for everyone.
What happens next? During Saturday IRCD’s will be restarted and you’ll notice netsplits whilst we patch the IRCD’s. This won’t be a set time and it’ll happen throughout the day

Sorry for the inconvenience caused

Thunder replaces Kuroi

We’ve come to the decision to take Kuroi server offline (owned by us) and rename it to due to Kuroi becoming inactive and owner also becoming inactive.

We are keeping Hercules as ircop should he return. will put you on letstalkcoding so not much has really changed other than a rename.

DNS will be updated later this evening so users will be directed here in our round robin. We’ve also added Devil and Random to our list of ircops.

OracleBNC is another service provided by Kuroi that’s become offline. The channel #oraclebnc will now redirect to our BNC service, where old users are welcome to request an account. Please note we are not accepting connections to undernet or freenode