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Monthly Archives: July 2016

A Hardware failure

It seems we’ve had a hardware failure on the server hosting our forums/stats website and also our mail server.

We are working very hard to get the hardware replaced which is likely to be the next 24 – 48hours. 

Unfortunately it’s not an easy fix for myself, as the box is located 3hours from me so working with a member of family to correct the issue. From what we can gather it’s a router only which can be resolved shortly

Sorry for the inconvenience

Changes Coming

I’ve been looking over our IRCd we run and we planned to have a maintenance window however this has been thrown out till further notice due to reasons. 

We are now going to modify our services so staff have to review channel registration. A module has already been created to do this however it requires staff to be in a group (not liking this idea) so going to code a module so when staff become ircop you’ll automatically join selected channel and will be an operator. This allows us (the staff) to receive a memo when channels need reviewing. 

I’m going to start testing and coding things shortly, obviously they’ll be no set date when things will be completed however we aim to have the final release of sIRCd completed in the next 2/3months

I’ll be adding XF (Devil) And Drake back to the ircop list when we’ve upgraded our IRCd (Again no estimated time)

You can always keep up to date with our progress on the ircd side of things by either joining #sircd or visiting our GitHub