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Monthly Archives: July 2015


Yesterday we had a slight problem with 2 of our systems. The node seem to have vanished offline causing both electric & rain to be unreachable.

During this time, I changed DNS to a friends network briefly. Shortly after then DNS changed the systems returned and was operating fully. I took this time to update the systems to keep the network secure!

TOR Access is now fully permitted on our network. Sasl is required in order to connect, I’m in the process of writing a short tutorial on how to connect using wee-chat/tor/sasl and you’ll find the onion address on this page when completed

Sorry again for the outage. We’ll make sure this won’t happen again, we’ve also added a 3rd server to our DNS which is located in a different region.

Uptime is everything

Site updated

Our website was moved to another server (reason for dns problem) this allowed us to use the latest wordpress. Our forums/stats/idlerpg is still hosted on our raspberry pi.

We are working on completing the website by the weekend providing ircindexer play nice and remove the ban for letstalkcoding (I’m still working on this part)

Nothing really else has changed, other than maybe a new server coming online. I’m still deciding on this though of course. Another thing we’ve though about is letting a committee run the network (I basically keep it alive whilst they set the rules and make sure you behave)

Undecided yet. I want what’s best for this network, and if that means being ran by a committee then so be it. We shall do a poll and if its voted in we will be looking for users to step up and be part of the committee. STAFF CAN’T APPLY

DNS problems

We are in the process of swapping nameservers. You may notice things not loading please bare with us, things should be back to normal in the next 24/48hours.

We would also like to thank Kuroi for the WordPress idea. Much appreciated guys now our website should hopefully be finished this year.

We will keep you guys update with any news as it happens

LetsTalkCoding Admin