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ChatFreedom is a safe, free and easy to use IRC network run by a team of friendly staff. You can chat with friends or make new friends by participating in some of the chat rooms on our network.

To connect and get chatting on ChatFreedom, you can either use our simple java based client, or you can connect an irc client to on port 6667 or SSL on port 6697

We have a services system which will allow you to protect your nickname with a password to avoid others using it, and register your own channels to chat in. We also offer the following services, free of charge:

  • IdleRPG bot and channel – A game where the aim is to do nothing and just idle
  • Webchat – Straight forward IRC flash based webchat
  • A free BNC service – You only need to be a regular user on ChatFreedom (IPv6 only)

All ChatFreedom users must read our rules before using this service and our chat rooms. Clean chat and content is required and expected of everyone.

We look forward to seeing you around on the  network, and if you need help at any time feel free to come along and ask the experts in #help