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Upgrade complete

Hello, it’s been a very stressful few days for us whilst we upgraded our IRCd’s. The first upgrade went very well, we went from 1.0.7 to 1.0.8 without problems and we thought that was too good to be true. Well it was, we found a major bug which would crash the IRCd by simply typing /stats p. 

I’ve had to review the source and revert the changes back to its original state and push the commit as a new release 1.0.9 (Bugster) whilst 1.0.8 would work as a standalone network but once linked to remote servers it would just crash. I’m going to look deeper into the cause using a test network and check new commits also this way for future releases.

We’ve also just convinced a game I play to use LetsTalkCoding servers for chat room. This will give our user base a boost on a Wednesday night and hopefully Friday & Sunday’s 

We are sorry for the inconvenience this bug created and I’ll be working hard with a few people to fix this code! I’ll keep you posted