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Problems With our BNC server

We’ve been having problems with our BNC server, that’s also hosting one of our ircds. Some reason it drops all Internet access however still accessible via vnc, this is a freebsd problem it seems so I might have to switch to another operating system today to prevent this from happening.

We aim to provide a stable freebnc, however with small bugs popping up we need to iron these out as soon as possible. Should we rebuild the vps bnc users will be notified that this is taking place and will take around 1-3 hours to become active again.

I’ll keep you guys updated via twitter @letstalkcoding or below this post.


Some Changes ready for 2016!

Hello LetsTalkCoding users

It’s been a long time since we posted any news. Nothing has changed much since our last post other than network being really stable (110days uptime)

We’ve made 1 change to services, registered users can now take a vhost instantly by typing /msg HostServ take unaffiliated/$account

2016 Plans for LetsTalkCoding
We are planning on completing our website by the end of January.  We are also working on getting a bigger userbase and possibly finding a few more servers to link with and possibly more staff

A little stability coming

Tonight I’ve been busy with Ryan moving things on with sIRCd (adding stuff this network would benefit from) and we’ve been testing stuff on prior to upgrading our public servers. This is gonna be a long process getting things perfect on our test server, however the plan is to get things completed and our network upgraded for the final time this year! This should give our network a bit more stability and hopefully help increase our userbase… our tor server is currently offline at present and will continue to be offline till we roll out the network upgrade.

I’ll be away from irc for a bit this month, however you can contact me directly via email root @ letstalkcoding

Maintenance window

Today between 1-6pm we will see a few services dissappear during our maintenance window.

This is whilst we replace a router and do some maintenance to hardware. This will only effect our forums/stats and

We hope the downtime will be around 30-60minutes providing everything goes to plan. If anything unexpected happens we will update you here.

Sorry for the short notice. Most of you using ipv4 will not be effected on IRC



Yesterday we had a slight problem with 2 of our systems. The node seem to have vanished offline causing both electric & rain to be unreachable.

During this time, I changed DNS to a friends network briefly. Shortly after then DNS changed the systems returned and was operating fully. I took this time to update the systems to keep the network secure!

TOR Access is now fully permitted on our network. Sasl is required in order to connect, I’m in the process of writing a short tutorial on how to connect using wee-chat/tor/sasl and you’ll find the onion address on this page when completed

Sorry again for the outage. We’ll make sure this won’t happen again, we’ve also added a 3rd server to our DNS which is located in a different region.

Uptime is everything