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The time has come, we will be going ahead with the planned maintenance during the hours of tonight.

The maintenance window will open at 8pm GMT and will be closed at 11pm. During this time you’ll see plenty of netsplits and services may be unavailable.

Not much will be changing during this window, we are just restoring the original source (changes we made are buggy) so +r will be replaced with +P

We are also working on the public version of sIRCd which we are continuing to maintain, however we are not releasing updated versions to github any longer. The updated source will be available, however it’ll be version 1.0.9 forever.

We are moving the project over to apt repo, and will be supporting Debian Jessie (x86, amd64, ArmHF) only at present. We are slowly rolling out wheezy/stretch versions so those who run either and non debian base OS please use github to compile.

Ubuntu will be an option in the coming months, please add the following to sources.list

deb jessie main

Adios 🙌